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Fun Apps for the Casual Phone Gamer

From sending emails and videoconferencing to managing schedules and counting calories, smartphones are a versatile and necessary tool. Since smartphone owners spend a good portion of their day looking at their screen, it’s also important to use it’s versatility to have a little fun from time to time. Gaming on your smartphone is a fun […]

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Punjabi Dictionary from English- A quick way to learn Punjabi

We all have those awkward moments when we’re surrounded by a group of people who are conversing in a language we cannot understand. Nothing is as annoying. We all know it’s a sad unfortunate situation and we should not be in it.

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Office Documents Viewer -The Perfect Frame

Office Documents Viewer is one of the popular Android document readers and today we’re going to find out why it’s been so. The app has been developed by Joerg Jahnke and is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.3

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SHAPES – Puzzle : An Intelligent Work of Art

Puzzles are addictive and there’s no argument denying this fact. We like puzzles because they’re best time killers. It’s like reading a suspense thriller because at every level, you’re encountered with a new problem

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Roamer Cheap calls & roaming SIM app- Do away with exorbitant roaming charges

While traveling abroad is quite delightful and fun, the roaming charges that come along with it on phone calls is quite a pain. Roamer Labs, an Android app developer has come up with a permanent solution to this.



PopcornTrivia-Test Your Knowledge On Movies

Posted  February 21, 2017  by  Editor

We all love watching movies during our spare time and some movies are good enough that lasts longer in your memories. Question is how much of your favorite movie do you remember and one amazing way to find out is from Popcorn Trivia app.

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